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Before you start getting customers, it is a good idea to think ahead about the processes that you will be operating in your business. 

By processes, we mean (for example) how you deal with customer enquiries, how you book appointments with people, how you handle new clients, how you write blog posts, what things do you need to have in place for a project to run smoothly. 

Whilst it may sound tedious, it is a good idea to document all of your workflows. This basically means creating a checklist of actions that you need to take at each stage of your business. 

For example, your workflow for writing a blog post may involve:

  • Research popular keywords
  • Create bullet points of main points
  • Write content for each bullet point
  • Find appropriate images
  • Publish
  • Email blog out to my email list
  • Promote my blog on Instagram and Pinterest

Having documented processes like this means that you can work more efficiently. You never have to think of the next step, and you never miss anything out in the process. 

And of course, when it comes to employing someone, you'll already have a training manual ready so that they can hit the ground running. 


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